CambridgeIP’s experience and capabilities across a wide range of industries, our work with world leading companies and our extensive in-house research informs the leading edge innovation and intellectual property consulting services that CambridgeIP offers to clients, helping improve client performance and returns on investment.



Our Health and Life Sciences experience includes work with major pharmaceutical companies, service providers, academic research institutes, investors & individual inventors. Technology areas CambridgeIP has covered include pharmaceutical formulations, manufacturing, medical devices, regenerative medicine and a large number of other technologies.

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Our Energy & Clean Technology experience includes work undertaken for major corporations, utilities providers, international think-tanks, service providers, academic research institutes & high-tech SMEs and investors. Technology areas CambridgeIP is active in include Oil & Gas, Cleaner Coal, PV, Marine energy, Wind energy and many additional technologies. We help our clients improve their return on investment, develop fact-based strategies and accelerate their time to market.

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Our FMCG experience includes work for some of the world’s largest FMCG companies, their suppliers, academic institutes and individual innovators. Technology areas CambridgeIP has covered include packaging, refrigeration, delivery devices, product formulations and a wide range of additional technologies. CambridgeIP has helped our clients acquire technologies, develop informed R&D strategies, assess freedom to operate.

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Our ITC experience includes work with some of the world’s largest telecoms companies, mobile companies and internet stakeholders. Areas CambridgeIP has covered include online shopping, online gaming, mobile communications and the entire spectrum of internet and mobile technologies. CambridgeIP has assisted our clients manage patent litigation risks, identify and acquire key patent assets, benchmark their intellectual property holdings to that of industry leaders and develop fact-based innovation strategies.

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Our nanotechnology experience includes work for major corporations, institutional and VC investors, policymakers, academic institutes and individual inventors. Areas CambridgeIP has covered include nano-manufacturing, nano-materials, carbon nanotechnology including graphene, bio-nano, the application of nanotechnology to multiple industry sectors and more. CambridgeIP has helped our clients navigate dense patent thickets, develop informed investment strategies and policies, and accelerate the time to market of their developments.

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