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CambridgeIP is the global innovation and intellectual property consultancy. Our mission is to assist our customers to accelerate and protect the development, deployment and dissemination of valuable technologies. We achieve this by working with our clients in the public and private sectors to provide information and analysis, to create and deliver winning technology and IP strategies, and by developing thought leadership in technology and innovation. CambridgeIP services

CambridgeIP has pioneered methods and analytics for IP Landscaping which are now widely recognised as industry leading. Our excellent global data coverage, internal software search tools and recognized expertise in patent and science literature search and analysis help ensure that no relevant documents are missed.  Our extensive experience in hundreds of IP and innovation related projects ensures that you have access to the best possible interpretations and recommendations.

CambridgeIP’s work has been covered in leading media outlets and publications, including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Nature Publishing articlesGroup, Wall Street Journal.

CambridgeIP’s services and products include:

  • IP Landscape®, the leading patent landscaping standard in the IP intelligence community
  • Freedom to Operate assessments, informing our clients critical patent-strategy decisions
  • Technology intelligence, IP strategy and innovation consultancy services for corporate and investor clients, allowing clients to benefit from our extensive experience across a wide range of industry sectors and technology domains



CambridgeIP has deep expertise across many sectors in IP process optimisation, Training & Executive Education and IP strategy consulting.


CambridgeIP is a provider of business intelligence, competitive intelligence, open innovation and patent intelligence that supports your IP and business strategy needs.


CambridgeIP’s landscape services includes technology scouting, competitor and collaborator mapping, R&D planning, and providing independent evidence for fundraising efforts.


CambridgeIP’s patent-based approach provides a different perspective to understanding investment in R&D, geographical distribution and size of markets, market value chains, how a technology area is evolving and what are the fundamental drivers of its long-term performance.


Health & life sciences

CambridgeIP are experts in the fields of medical technology and pharmaceutical formulations. Learn more about how we can help you in this sector by visiting our MedTech and Formulations pages.


CambridgeIP has developed particular expertise in Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), Graphene, Nanobiotechnology, Nanoformulations, Nanomaterials, Nanosensors, Nanotoxicity, Quantum dots and Tissue engineering.

Energy & Clean Technology

CambridgeIP has experience in a wide range of Energy and Clean Technology fields, including desalination, solar energy and low-carbon energy.

IT & Telecoms

CambridgeIP has experience in a wide range of Telecoms and IT fields, including eHealth Devices, Mobile Devices/Applications and Smart Grid Technology.

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