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CambridgeIP acts within the nanotechnology IP space to inform IP strategy, IP Landscaping and IP policy. The opinions of our experts have been covered by leading media. Our nanotechnology patent research has been covered by Nature Materials and our Chairman, Quentin Tannock has been quoted in media including Nature News and the Financial Times. CambridgeIP’s experience in the nanotechnology IP space includes work to assist policy makers, major investment groups, VCs, pharmaceutical companies, service providers, academic research institutes and individual inventors. We have extensive experience in the graphene IP space, as well as numerous other nanotechnology sub-spaces, listed in the Experience and Expertise tab, below.


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Nanotechnology represents a cross cutting spectrum of technologies spanning many scientific disciplines and industry sectors. CambridgeIP observes a high inter-relation between nanotechnology patents relative to patents in other technology spaces, reflecting the complexity of many nanotechnology systems and the multiple technology and market areas that nanotechnologies potentially address. Our analysis of the nanotechnology patent landscape additionally reveals a marked increase in nanotechnology patent activity in Asia in the past several years.

CambridgeIP’s surveys of nanotechnology researchers, our nanotech patent landscape research and our work with leading nanotech R&D groups provide evidence of concerns in the nanotech community over nanotechnology patent thickets and blocking patents in nanotechnology.

Our team covers a broad section of the Nanotechnology field. We have developed particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)
  • Graphene
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanoformulations
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanosensors
  • Nanotoxicity
  • Quantum dots
  • Tissue Engineering

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Clients use our analysis to meet a range of business development requirements:

  • Understand their patent landscape
  • Gather competitive intelligence
  • Formulate R&D strategies
  • Identify collaboration & in-licensing partners
  • Enable Freedom to Operate analysis
  • Support investment cases
  • Undertake M&A due diligence
  • Open Innovation
  • Highlight Technology ‘white space’
  • Inform Investment Opportunities
  • Technology Value Chain mapping
  • Develop Technology Roadmap

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