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CambridgeIP is the original IP Landscape® company, delivering hundreds of IP Landscape® projects for clients of all sizes around the world. IP Landscapes® meet a range of business intelligence needs, including technology scouting, competitor and collaborator mapping, R&D planning, providing independent evidence for fundraising efforts.

Our IP Landscape® and patent research work has been commissioned by leading patent authorities including the World Intellectual Property Organization and the UK Intellectual Property Office, as well as multinational corporations, high-growth enterprises, investors, and individual inventors. We have expertise in many sectors including: Health, Energy, Telecoms, Nanotechnology and Water.


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What does an IP Landscape® include?

An IP Landscape® includes:

  • Mapping of technology systems and processesIPLandscapeImageSample
  • Identification of key technology owners and key technology applications
  • Identification of most important patents
  • Time from CambridgeIP experts to explain and interpret IP Landscape® findings
  • Fixed price and rapid turnaround
  • Advanced visualisation of patent-based analytics, including inventor network maps
  • High-quality patent datasets ready for client and advisor use
  • Upgrade options for periodic updates and follow-on analysis

Why use an IP Landscape®?

An IP Landscape® may be used in:

  • Technology scouting,
  • Competitor and collaborator mapping,
  • R&D planning,
  • Patentability and prior art searches,
  • Supporting invalidity searches
  • Making freedom to operate or market entry decisions
  • fundraising (including investment due diligence and building an investment case for senior management)
  • Informing business decisions

When to order?


An IP Landscape® is typically conducted prior to making decisions on intellectual property strategy and business strategies including patentability, freedom to operate and market entry decisions. Many clients use an IP Landscape® to support ongoing R&D programmes, fundraising including investment due diligence and building an investment case for senior management.

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Who uses an IP Landscape®?

An IP Landscape is used by the full range of players in technology intensive sectors:

  • Corporate R&D, strategy, competitive intelligence, Open Innovation and IP departments
  • Investors including institutional investors, venture capital investors and angel investors
  • Universities, Research Institutes, public sector & non-profit organisations
  • Individual inventors and technology consultants
  • SMEs and technology start ups

To learn more about our clients and how we work with them to deliver their IP and business strategy needs please see Our Client page. Or if you want to discuss your business needs with us directly please contact us.

Sub-space analysis: Categorized IP Landscape®

CambridgeIP experts are able to categorize the output of an IP Landscape®; assigning patents to technology sub-spaces.

Benefits of categorization include:

  • Savings in researcher time – being able to get to the patents you need, fast
  • Each category can be chosen/customized as desired by the client
  • Statistics and analysis of the various categorized fields, allows you to assess areas of overlap or white space in areas of interest

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Media_IPLandscape_SampleDownload our latest sample IP Landscape® report on ‘Wave & Tidal Energy Technology’. This patent landscaping exercise discloses key technology developments in flow energy capture and conversion, and diverse applications in useful power generation.

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