CambridgeIP Data Services

Patent and Scientific Data Services

We provide data services using one of the largest Patent and Scientific Data collections available

Recognised leaders in the IP and technology strategy services community for the combination of our expert IP advisory capability with own patent search and analytics platform, including a curated database of more than 100 million patent and scientific documents.
Through our data services we are able to provide our clients direct access to our patent and scientific data collections.

Collections include:

  • Patents
  • Clinical trials
  • Legal proceedings
  • Science literature
  • Additional customised options…

Our clients interact with our data services in a range of ways. Below you can read more about our data API, bulk download, access to searchable patent PDFs and customised datasets of patent and scientific literature.

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Data API – Application Programming Interface

Interface automatically with CambridgeIP’s data collections, over 100 million peer reviewed documents. Our collections include patents, journal articles, clinical trials, legal proceedings and more.

Our Data API or ‘Application Programmable Interface’ is a programmable interface with source information from CambridgeIP datasets. Our Data API allows CambridgeIP clients to extract what they want in an automated fashion, to download specific items (e.g. all patents in a list of 10,000 patents, all patents in a date range, etc.) and to access custom datasets established by CambridgeIP for client use.

Records are returned in XML and JSON formats. Records can also be downloaded as PDFs in ZIP-file compressed formats.

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Bulk patent data download

Efficiently obtain your own copies of large numbers of our source documents from our extensive collections. Our collections cover the full range of science and technology disciplines including Health and Life Sciences, Energy and CleanTech, IT and Telecommunications, Advanced Materials and more.

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Searchable patent PDFs

Search within our patent PDFs for keywords, inventors, companies, codes and more. We maintain one of the largest collections of patents and patent applications from around the world. Not only is our global coverage superb, all of our patent PDFs are searchable PDFs!

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Customised datasets of patent and scientific literature

Develop customised datasets based on your business needs with the help of CambridgeIP experts.

Using our data service allows you to easily obtain relevant, normalised and expert verified patent and scientific data. Customised datasets save your business time and effort providing you the opportunity to focus on interpretation and analysis.

Contact us for more information about our bespoke science and patent literature datasets.

Indexing literature in specialist domains such as chemistry, electronics and materials

CambridgeIP is developing software tools, analytics and interfaces to enable efficient and accurate search across global patents and science literature in specialist domains such as chemistry, electronics and materials. Search in such specialised domains is challenging. In publications around the world authors and inventors use a wide range of terminology, diagrams and other information to identify entities. Document volumes are significant and are rapidly proliferating around the world in many key domains.

As part of our initiative the ‘Future of Search in Science Literature’TM CambridgeIP has several R&D projects underway to address challenges in specific domains. Our collaboration partners include the University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry, the University of Essex, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET). Several of our R&D projects have significant financial support from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Work includes automated and expert confirmed mapping of relevant information in global literature, including through the use of natural language processing and image processing algorithms. Indexing back catalogues of publications and dynamic indexing of new publications as they are made, mapping to industry standard nomenclatures such as InChi keys in the case of Chemistry.

Our 5+ years of experience in big data projects and our integrated team of patent and technology domain experts with IT professionals helps us to deliver high quality data to our clients in the formats they need, including by Application Programmable Interface (API).

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